...Even if you failed at every marketing strategy and are ready to throw in the towel.
Open Enrollment Ends In:
Myth: Marketing Doesn't Work?
Good marketing strategy helps you have a steady stream of leads and customers  

Make consistent income

Automate your business systems so you can finally create FREEDOM

I'll say it again for those in the back.

There’s a steady stream of complex information headed your way 24/7.
… courses 

… webinars  

… “magic” formulas.
You know there are actual DEGREES in marketing, right? You’re not supposed to be able to pick it up just like that… 
On top of that, most popular marketing programs come from a place of making the teacher a god-like figure instead of a business partner who cares

I CALL IT A "CHURN AND BURN" BUSINESS MODEL With ZERO support and Accountability (you know those things you need to actually GET RESULTS and it doesn’t work… at ALL)

Because of that, AMAZING entrepreneurs end up sucking at marketing their business…  

You wind up with: 
  •  Bad marketing advice like "throw spaghetti on the wall and see if it works".
  •  Lack of knowledge on how internet marketing actually works
  •  Don't understand how to put their systems in place
  •  Making marketing and technology more complicated than it has to be
  •  Expensive coaching programs that leave you with no money for marketing
  •  Holding onto bad marketing strategies that don't work hoping that they will and that something changes because you don't want invest to learn
  •  Adopting a negative mindset about business because the bad strategies that you've been taught aren't working
  •  Trying to make a broken marketing system work
  •  Feelings of shame and guilt that you aren't more successful so you hide and your online visibility becomes inconsistent  or nonexistent 
… no wonder you’re ready to throw in the towel. 
So you toss marketing to the wayside and vow to work HARDER at your business, right? 
But your family can only survive on takeout as you burn the midnight oil for so long… 

The cold, hard fact is, if you’re unable to get customers CONSIST-ENTLY, your business is dying. 

Cause of death? Lead generation hypoxia...
Never knowing where the next customer is coming from 

Inability to predict revenue in your business

Wondering how "others" are make money consistently

Not having an audience that is excited to buy from you

No email list of raving fans *sad face*

Having no way to attract leads into your business

Confusion on what content to create to generate sales *double sad face* 

Frustration because sales are few and far between 
And, as you can probably guess, ignoring the problem won't help. 
There’s no way around it -- you HAVE to learn how to generate leads to get consistent customers. 

Ready for the good news yet? 
Freedom in your business IS possible… but having the leads that turn into paying customers is a prerequisite. 

Leads aren’t a luxury only afforded by the “marketing minded”, they’re the CORNERSTONE of a successful business. 

The Freedom Accelerator breaks down the ONLY marketing skills you need to launch your leveraged programs and courses.  I also include a bonus that teaches you how to sell out your high ticket programs also! I cover it ALL!

This is officially your permission slip to ENJOY your business again and CREATE revenue flow without the stress!
Are you ready for a steady stream of leads and clients?
… is the sky blue? 

… are all cats irrationally scared of plastic bags? 

… is Walmart the only acceptable place to wear those sweatpants in public?  

Yeah, of COURSE you’re ready. 
You’ve been ready since platform shoes and chunky highlights were a thing. 
Look, we ALL know that being told to "just follow this system” doesn’t work. In fact, it’s a huge contributing factor to feelings of disappointment and guilt when you don't hit the goals you set. 
So ditch the false hope based on bad strategy… it’s the FASTEST way to kill your business dream. 
Try my proven, step-by-step, smooth sailing sales system by creating a funnel that will have leads coming to you and asking how they can work with you instead of you chasing them! 
Nurture leads into customers
Create content that converts into sales
Predict business revenue
Have an audience that loves you
You would be making progress towards your business AND life goals, right? 

You would be creating the FREEDOM you dreamed of when you first started out.

You would be CONFIDENT about building and growing your business. 

It’s a proven fact that once you can master these things, you start to see the POSSIBILITIES and OPPORTUNITIES in your life instead of the frustration you have been enduring.

In this 10-Module course, you'll learn a smooth sailing system that will transform the way you generate and convert leads into customers without being salesy, sleezy or desperate.

Module 1: Introduction to the Smooth Sailing Sales System

• What You Will Need to Get Started
• Overview of the Three Types of Funnels we will be covering
• Mapping out your PROFIT plan and how we will get there with your funnel

Module 2: Clarity on Your Persuasion Pillars

• Ideal client research like you have never seen before
• What beliefs you have to shift to persuade prospects to buy
• How to get inside the head of your ideal clients for success with your funnel

Module 3: Clarity on Your Offer & Value Ladder

• Create an offer that will really sell like hotcakes
• How to maximize the lifetime value of your clients
• How to create lead magnets that attract the perfect leads

Module 4: Creating Your Buyer's Journey & Funnel

• Create an amazing customer experience that ends in sales
• Gain clarity on all the tech you need to create profits in your business asap
• Launch your net (aka funnel) so you never have to chase clients again

Module 5: Important Things About Traffic (Paid & Free)

• How to become an attractive character for client attraction
• Learn all my secrets to creating and running successful FB ads
• Generate traffic and leads with my proven free methods

Module 6: Master Your Sales Conversions

• Master owning your expertise and confidence  when selling in emails, webinars, FB lives, etc.
• Get my sales mindset tips and tricks that help me show up with confidence
• Keep your heart and leave the slime behind sales techniques

Module 7: Scale Your Online Business

• So what's next for your business? Learn the options to grow
• How to create and launch additional offers to create multiple streams of income
• Scale with grace without sacrificing customer satisfaction or your freedom

BONUS Module 8: All About Productivity 

• How to ensure this isn't just a course you collect but actually implement
• My guarantee to you is that this funnel will work by getting it DONE and into the marketplace so we can optimize
• Set yourself up to succeed and make money in your coaching business

BONUS Module 9: How To Avoid Tech Overwhelm

• I will wire frame the three funnels I will be teaching you and explain them to you so you can easily replicate them if you don't have clickfunnels
• If you have clickfunnels I will be sharing my three funnels so all you have to do it, click the link and edit the copy and branding and there will be very little techiness required

BONUS Module 10: Troubleshooting To Ensure Your Success

• Learn how to troubleshoot your funnels and how to look for leaks
• What are the industry standards to determine if a funnel is a success
• Understand how to optimize your funnel once it's working
You don't have to feel like a failure when it comes to your online business. You CAN have consistent leads coming into your business and have a method to convert them into customers.  If others can do it, why not you?! 
The Freedom Accelerator will teach you how to get customers.

You could read dozens of marketing books, search YouTube, read blogs, and invest countless hours into doing your own research… 

You could do nothing and continue living frustrated and disappointed that the business hasn't taken off yet and wishing it was your turn to succeed or you can stop wishing and take charge… 

While some of these options might help (I mean come on, YouTube is amazing!) but do you really have time to waste trying to figure it out yourself? 

The Freedom Accelerator can be implemented as quickly as you would like to go. Many of my students see significant results (Like hitting $10k, $20k, in sales) in as little as a week or two just from the first 2 modules.
Angelica Rozewicz
Business Consultant & Digital Marketer 
About The Speaker:
Angelica Rozewicz is a business consultant & digital marketer, that got her start in digital marketing in 2005 and made a splash in the online coaching world in 2014. Angelica has inspired and equipped hundreds of coaches, experts and consultants with the skills and strategies they need to create, build, and grow profitable online businesses without the stress and overwhelm that is so common with aspiring entrepreneurs.

Angelica started her journey to entrepreneurship as a marketing consultant working for small businesses but felt a calling to make a greater impact and that's when she stumbled upon online coaching.  Her mission is to bring the power of the internet and marketing funnels to coaches, experts and consultants that would otherwise be lost in the online world.  After getting married in 2014 and moving to Honduras she knew there was no looking back and she needed to step in the face of fear and build a profitable business online that transforms her love for business creation and internet marketing that allows her to live life on her terms.
What will I learn from The Freedom Accelerator?
The Freedom Accelerator will teach you how to build 3 different funnels for your online business, how to sell using a webinar, how to have a LIVE LAUNCH, how to get traffic to your free offers, how to convert that traffic into leads and then turn those leads into customers.  The three funnels I will cover are 1. Lead Generation funnel 2. Webinar funnel to book a call or sell a course 3. A Challenge Live Launch Funnel.  As a bonus I will also be teaching a Self Liquidating Offer funnel to help you acquire leads for free or at a fraction of the price - THIS is a game changer and I will teach you why!  I will also teach you my secrets of successfully running Facebook and Instagram ads! We can work with $5/day budget or with a $5000/day budget.  I meet you where you're at in terms of growing and scaling.
How does The Freedom Accelerator differ from other popular marketing programs?
This program is long enough to actually get you results.  You're not going to build your digital assets and funnels and then I'm gone.  This is why the program is 12 months long! Most marketing programs aren't taught by a trusted digital marketer but by business coaches that are rehashing information they gleaned from other programs.  As a digital marketer in the trenches daily, I am a practitioner of everything I teach day in day out and I have the capability to troubleshoot and truly support you toward success.  I also give you the accountability and support to implement all that you learn so that you get RESULTS which is what you and I both want.  
Does The Freedom Accelerator come with a community element?
YES! Enrollment in The Freedom Accelerator grants you access to our private Facebook community just for my students. Here you can ask questions, share successes, and even share frustrations you may be having with your funnel. It’s a profits focused marketing party where others, just like you, can support each other while also getting access to ask me questions. Post a question anytime and we will address it as soon as possible.
What if I want more support than just group coaching?
Great News is that The Freedom Accelerator includes 1:1 voxer coaching!!!!  I meet you where you are in your business.  I have some clients that come to me starting from 0 and we work toward hitting $10k+ Month consistently and I have other clients at $40-$50K+ a month and were working toward scaling higher.  This is where true transformation happens! 
How is The Freedom Accelerator delivered?
The Freedom Accelerator is hosted by one of the most popular course management websites. Each module includes: videos/Audios which can be viewed online or downloaded for offline viewing, and PDF worksheets which can be printed.  

You have access to all the modules right away so you can go as fast or slow as you like.  It is up to you to request access to the private Facebook community, but it’s as simple as following the instructions in the email confirmation you receive after purchase. You will receive a separate email with login information. If for any reason you have trouble logging in after purchase, just email
What if I’m not tech savvy? Will I have trouble with the course?
My speciality is helping non-tech savvy individuals create online businesses.  You will only learn what is required for you to succeed.  If you know how to use MicroSoft word, you will be able to do this work.  For those of you who chose to use Clickfunnels, you will have my personal funnels available where all you will have to do is edit the copy and branding.  The tech is done for you.  For those of you who choose another platform, I've got you covered too!  I will be wire-framing the funnels out for you so all you will have to do is choose the templates available by your platform and build out the funnels. 

The course can be accessed through a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. If at any time you are having difficulty with the course, just email me at
How much time does it take to complete The Freedom Accelerator?
The Freedom Accelerator is designed to be completed over the course of 12 weeks. The course includes approximately 10 hours of video instruction and 8 worksheets. Please take into account that the amount of time that will be needed to complete the course will vary for each individual student.  After you launch your funnels we will work on Facebook Ads/Instagram Ads and optimizing your funnels for scalability.
Can I complete The Freedom Accelerator on my own schedule or do I have to show up at certain times?
The course is self study so you can complete the modules at a pace that works for you. The course is designed to be completed at whatever pace you desire. Some students choose to complete one module a week or in the course of an afternoon. Choose a pace that works best for you.

There will be LIVE coaching calls and marketing audits that you have the option to showing up!  Most students can't wait for our weekly calls! They are transformational! 
What if life happens and I can’t complete The Freedom Accelerator right away?
That’s not a problem. Purchase of The Freedom Accelerator grants you with lifetime access to the course materials and any future updates. You can return to the course material at any time to complete the course or review the material.
Who is the author of this course?
Hi, I’m Angelica Rozewicz, wife, mom, Christian, Business Coach and passionate Digital Marketer.  I have been blessed to be the catalyst for launching hundreds of coaching businesses from 0 to 5 & 6 figures, the marketing brains behind several multi-million dollar launches for some names I'm sure you would recognize and the face of my own brand since 2014 which has been my greatest challenge and reward.

I fell into digital marketing in 2005 as an accountant for a digital marketing agency.  Seeing all the amazing things online, I knew that I had found the place where I can use my God given talents in analytics coupled with my creativity.  Fast forward a few years, I found myself marrying the love of my life and moving to Honduras leaving my corporate job behind.  Needing to do something with myself, I decided to launch my career as a digital marketing consultant in 2014 and have continued on that journey since.  Upon achieving some success for a few coaching clients, I had others approaching me to teach them my skills and so my coaching career began.  I am a hybrid coach/consultant because I do ask powerful questions but at the same time, I do know better when it comes to marketing, so I will make recommendations when I see fit.  

My favorite part of my job is seeing my clients become profitable and overcome their fear of technology and marketing.  It's my life's mission to give the power of the internet and making money online to the common person like you, the lovely entrepreneur.  
How do I know if the Freedom Accelerator is for me?
The only requirement I ask is that you know what you're an expert in.  As long as you know what you know, this program will work for you.  This program offers you everything you need to create an offer (course, coaching program, membership site, info products, etc) that will sell along with the vehicle (funnels & traffic) to make sure you can sell it out over and over again.  I also cover sales on the phone and off of a webinar.  This program gives you everything you need to start selling your offers.  And if you get in and you're not in love, no worries, that’s why I offer a Risk-Free Guarantee.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the course, just ask for a refund in the first 7 days from purchase.  Just submit your work to with a refund request.  It’s important that you watch every module and follow my step-by-step instructions. The worksheets will also help to guide you in implementing the system.
I'm in a MLM/Direct Marketing business, do I need a funnel?
Yes! Anyone in business online, needs a funnel.  You actually would need two, one for selling your products and another for building your team.  We will build the one that's most urgent for you and then move on to the next.  
I don't have a big advertising budget.  Can I still benefit from a funnel?
Absolutely!   Whether you are generating traffic organically (free methods) or with paid methods, you need a funnel in order to take that cold traffic and convert it into prospects and customers/clients.  If you have been frustrated with content marketing and social media not producing sales for you, I can guarantee you it's because you're not funneling your leads through your buyer's journey.  

If you don't have a big budget, don't worry.  I will be teaching a few different traffic generation methods - paid and free - as well as ways to make a small ad budget stretch.
Are scholarships available?
At this time, no scholarships are available. Fortunately, my classes are priced so that they are affordable.  Most coaches charge between $8-15k to learn ONE funnel!! I am teaching three funnels PLUS so much more.  This honestly is the steal of the century and I'm not just saying that.  I literally took my $10k one on one program and pulled out all the import profit making systems and put them into this program.  The value of this course is enormous.  This information alone will provide you a return on your investment in the course.
Now For Only $10997 $7777 LIMITED TIME Pricing or $675/Month!
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P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $10997 $7777 or $675/Month, you're getting The Freedom Accelerator course Plus 1:1 Coaching - and the blueprints for a marketing strategy that has a proven track record for success. 
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